116 – Pay

Pay for brewery employees has been a subject talked about in circles for years. In comparison to similar trade and manual labor jobs many brewery salaries don’t match up. High overhead, low margins and poor market portrayal (affordable luxuary) have been reasons given for why breweries can’t provide higher wages. The guys tackle this subject.

Brewery Misclassification from Wilson McCoy PA

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8 comments on “116 – Pay

  1. Jim abbott says:

    Plaid Habit is an exact rhyme with the name of Kevin’s son; Jad Abbott.

  2. Jim abbott says:

    But, Bobby the Brain Heenan said “The scum always rises to the top.” I prefer that version.

    1. Jim abbott says:

      Tim (along with you too Kevin and Mike) send me any old beer (yours or someone else’s) that you don’t want. Kevin has my address.
      And I agree with Mike. 9:30 on a Saturday morning is no time to think about drinking beer.
      9:35 on a Saturday morning?
      Now we’re talking!

  3. Jim abbott says:

    But Bobby the Brain Heenan said “The scum always rises to the top.” I prefer his version.

  4. Jim abbott says:

    Great episode. Thanks for it. My father retired from Cadillac; United Auto Workers. My brother in law was the Chief Steward (aka Plant Chairman for some 20 years) at a different Cadillac plant. And I have been a member of 3 different unions over the last 43 + years.; I’m retiring from a non Big 3 UAW plant April 6th, 2026 after 42 years at my shop. All unions have their faults and flaws. But any union is better than no union.

    1. Jim abbott says:

      Years ago, I started to write a country song about a guy who was God damned sick and tired of being God damned sick and tired. I called it ‘I’m God Damned Sick And Tired Of Being God Damned Sick And Tired.’ It started off “I’m God damned sick and tired of being God damned sick and tired.”
      That’s as far as I got.

      1. Jim abbott says:

        So Bluey is about a family of Blue Heeler dogs? My gosh, one of the greatest unrecognized albums of all time is by an Australian fella named James Blundell. I believe it’s called Hand It Down. One of the best songs on it is entitled Blue Heeler.
        Tim -thanks for your memories of all the MLB stadiums you’ve been to. Wow! That’s a impressive list. And as far as your battle with depression, I’m right there with you. Been fighting that for nigh on 65 years. What’s that old saying “Life sucks….and then you die.”
        “Curried” goat? Mike, you are truly a stitch.

  5. Jim abbott says:

    Tim -I mean, I took Kevin to a number of minor league stadiums; Toledo, Ohio, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Battle Creek Michigan. But as far as MLB stadiums are concerned, it was Tiger Stadium or bust.

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