About Us

Who We Are

We are friends that started off as beer enthusiasts. Through our love for beer a podcast was created. After some time we became gainfully employed in the beer industry and our time did not allow for us to record on a normal basis.

Now, many years later we believe it’s a good time to revive this old podcast because our opinions and views of the beer industry have greatly changed over time. We are older, somewhat wiser, a good deal angrier and did we mention older?

Mike Jurewicz

He has worn many hats in the industry. He has brewed, cellared, packaged, worked sales and the bar and now does marketing, design and content creation. Sometimes he drinks beer too.

Kevin Abbott

He thinks he knows everything and sometimes he does. It’s always an honor and a privilege for him to do anything. He wasn’t doing social media before it was cool.

Tim Johnson

He has made beer, spirits, seltzer and THC stuff. Not in that order but maybe. Can talk at length about random towns in Minnesota.