United We Drink Welcomes Tim Johnson as New Co-Host

United We Drink Welcomes Tim Johnson as New Co-Host

The United We Drink podcast is extremely happy to welcome Tim Johnson as a new co-host to the show. Tim has been a multiple time guest on the pod and a big part of the collaboration efforts between United We Drink and Bitter Units for charity live streams.

“I’m really excited to join my friends and bring a different perspective on the industry,” says Johnson. “As an avid listener before, I already heard myself chiming in to no one when I wished I could comment. Now I get to.”

Johnson is a beverage industry veteran having nearly a decade of experience in the brewing industry. He currently works at Dashfire, in Minneapolis, MN, making spirits, bitters, RTDs and much more.

“I missed the 3 person dynamic that the show previously had,” said Mike Jurewicz, founder and co-host. “Adding Tim made too much sense. He was a friend of the show and just a straight forward friend. I’m looking forward to this.”

Tim’s first episode as a co-host will debut on March 20, 2024.

United We Drink is available every other week on all major podcast service including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and many more!

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