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Mike, Joel and Kevin join up to discuss all things beer related, with evolved perspectives from their progressed careers in the industry.


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059 – Beer Ratings Sites

Beer ratings sites like Untappd and Beer Advocate have made the average drinker feel like a Zagat critic. Do these sites have more influence over the beer market than they should or are simply journaling tools for fans of beer? Listen as the guys...

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058 – Christmas Holiday Hop Pun

With Christmas just days away Mike and Kevin talk winter seasonals, their favorite Christmas beers and other general nonsense as Joel is out on holiday assignment. This episode is brought to you by Liquid Death. Follow United We Drink on their social media channels.TwitterInstagramFacebook

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057 – Bell’s of the Ball

When Bell’s Brewery announced their sale to Lion, the parent company of New Belgium, people had a lot of feelings. Our hosts are no different but with more positivity. Here what the guys have to say. Plus Ball Corporation, one of the largest aluminum...

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056 – So I (Seasonal) Creep

Every July the same conversation begins amongst beer lovers and beer makers. It’s a conversation with extreme prejudice on each side of the argument. It’s a discussion that probably will never see an end. It’s seasonal creep. The guys discuss the practice of earlier...

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