We Are United

Mike, Phil and Joel join up each week to discuss all things beer related, with evolved perspectives from their progressed careers in the industry.


Our Episodes

046 – Shooting the Shit with Alexandria Gray

Alexandria Gray from Bay Cannon Beer joins the guys to shoot the shit about…really…just a whole lot of stuff. It’s a great conversation and you’d be missing out by not listening. This episode is sponsored by the American Homebrewers Association. Follow United We Drink on their social media channels.TwitterInstagramFacebook

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045 – A Chat with Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson from the Bitter Units Podcast is here to talk about just about anything. He talks how he got into beer, what grinds his gears and a crazy idea that Taco Bell should be taking up. #BrunchWrapSupreme Check out all of our sponsors...

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044 – How We’d Build a Brewery

The guys discuss, in a realistic way, how they would build a brewery. Where? What size system? What sort of beers? What kind of aesthetic? Get a sneak peak into Mike and Joel’s minds and hear what you may see some day. This episode...

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043 – Rapid Fire

The guys take what was supposed to be a “quick episode” and dive into Good Beer Hunting’s recent story about Constellation and it’s craft brands. Then Mike challenges Joel to a rapid fire on some of the most common arguments on Beer Twitter. This...

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