113 – Why

The word “why” can begin a lot of questions in relation to the beer industry. Mike and Kevin propose a number of these questions to each other to see what they think is the right answer.

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5 comments on “113 – Why

  1. Jim abbott says:

    Custard and Apple fritters! Testify brother Abbott, testify!

  2. Jim abbott says:

    “United We Doughnut.” Kevin is one funny guy. Not as funny as his father, of course; the original Abbott, you might say. Okay, there were plenty of Abbotts before me. But they were all miserable, angry sots.

  3. Jim abbott says:

    And before the angry letters (texts?) start flowing in, I had no idea about the doughnut/football thingy. Growing up, I made sure he had salad, steamed veggies (no butter or salt) and lean meat for dinner EVERY night…….okay, I think I
    might have ONE time made a loaf of meat. Think I ate the entire thing. I have no idea how my son didn’t starve growing up.

  4. Jim abbott says:

    Kevin’s in his 40’s and doesn’t like people. I’m in my 60’s and I don’t like people. I guess you could say that he’s a real chip off the old block(head)

  5. Jim abbott says:

    But honestly, I have a deep, deep affection for most, if not all, of humanity……it’s the people I can’t stand

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