112 – Taprooms

Taprooms, or tasting rooms to some, have evolved considerably over the last decade for breweries. A spot that was once considered, by many, to be a place to introduce people to their beer that can then be bought out in the market have turned into full scale bars and restaurants with the goal of keeping people coming back and spending. Mike and Kevin dive into own premise and taprooms and what they have become.

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3 comments on “112 – Taprooms

  1. Jim abbott says:

    I like to beat people with sticks!

    1. Jim abbott says:

      Goodbye my sweet Saddie. Grandpa and Grandma will always love and remember you.
      Again, I cry. Kevin is breaking down as he speaks. I love you, my son.

  2. Jim abbott says:

    When Kevin was but a wee lad, his mum went to a fortune teller. She was told that Kevin would be seen speaking behind a podium in front of a flag. Possibly indicating him becoming president of the USA. SO THAT IS STILL POSSIBLE, my son!

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