102 – Old Market Nostalgia

In the early days of craft Mike & Kevin would peruse the shelves of our locals stores and find brands from breweries like Avery, Great Divide, North Coast and more making up the majority of the space. Today many of these brands of old don’t exist anymore or aren’t distributed in these necks of the woods. The guys get nostalgic and talk about the love of many of these beers and what they meant to them.

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5 comments on “102 – Old Market Nostalgia

  1. Jim abbott says:

    In soccer (aka, international football), a “Daisy Cutter” is a hard, low line drive of a shot that barely clears the grass.

    1. Jim abbott says:

      I don’t know nothin’ ’bout no 10-fity, but on South Park, the Loch Ness monster kept bugging Chef’s parents for 3-fity.

      1. Jim abbott says:

        Kevin’s Last Call was about facts. Stephen Colbert once observed “I’m not a big fan of facts You can use facts to prove anything; even stuff I disagree with.”

  2. Jim abbott says:

    Speaking of Colbert, back in the days of The Colbert Report, Kevin was at Thd Funky Buddha. I suggested he do a Colbert Report inspired beer; which was to be called “Red, White and Brew.” Never heard a word back from my son. Damn kids.

  3. Jim abbott says:

    I think it’s Trader Joe’s, but whatever. Whoever it is, they sell a heckuva fine tasting meatless barbecued rib.

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