090 – Activism

Over the last number of years businesses have started to become more open about making statements in regards to social and political issues. Breweries are amongst them. Mike and Kevin discuss breweries taking activist roles in their social media and core values.

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2 comments on “090 – Activism

  1. Jim abbott says:

    Mr. Kevin Abbott is not an “honorary” Canadian. He does have the blood of the maple leaf flowing through his veins; his maternal grandmother was of Canadian heritage.

  2. Jim abbott says:

    This episode reminded me of Bush The Lesser’s war on Iraq, when Bruce Springsteen was told, by a minority of his “fans”, to “Shut up and sing” when he spoke out, emphatically, against the then president.
    Don’t know who exactly those “fans” of his had been listening to for the then previous 30 or so years.
    But what are you gonna do.

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