(re)United We Drink

(re)United We Drink

Reboots usually aren’t great – look at Arrested Development. We’re not, by any stretch, trying to compare the original run of this poorly-produced, often absent-minded craft beer podcast to the genius of the original TV series. But sometimes the people that created something special feel the need to regroup and create again. The reunion and the act of once again making something with those people is a feeling that’s tough to shake. And when things sort of fall into place all too perfectly, how can you say no?

We’ve talked about reuniting for some time. Occasionally we were serious, having heart-to-hearts about missing one another. Other times we were drinking and only half serious–despite us saying at the time “I’m so serious”–after going on an industry-related rant. Nonetheless, here we are, recording our podcast again.

We think we’ve come a long way since the days of drunkenly limping through an episode with little to no preparation, relying on curse words and comically bad accents to be the bulk of the show. We admit there will probably still be cursing and maybe a few bad accents (apologies in advance). But the three of us have spent these last few years growing in an industry that is radically different from when the last episode aired in 2016, let alone our first show in 2009. Damn, that was a long time ago.

With all that combined experience and an itch to get back behind the microphones  it simply felt like the right time to bring back United We Drink. We want to share our experiences and knowledge. We want to laugh or get serious. We want to drink beers and, sometimes, even just some water. And then some beer again.

Expect episodes to be bi-weekly for the time being, with the first one coming at you very soon. We’ll be available on all the usual podcasting services (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc) pretty quickly as well. If you don’t see us on your preferred service, hang tight and we’ll get it posted.

For those old listeners who have made their way back- sup? Hopefully we don’t disappoint. For those new listeners, newer friends who don’t believe we once had a podcast, and random folks who somehow found us – welcome to the ride.

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