110 – Pricing

Kevin tells the story of a voicemail he received from someone upset about his beer’s availability and price. The guys talk about what goes into pricing of beer once the consumer sees it in a retails store.

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2 comments on “110 – Pricing

  1. Jim abbott says:

    And Kevin is me, 2.0, as they say. A far better version than me, but that goes without saying (so why am I saying it?) But I feel the same way in regards to sports/the lions/Michigan etc. I used to eat,sleep,drink and breathe sports. When I was growing up, other kids would say; “Hey Abbott, gimmie a quick rundown of Harmon Killebrews life story.” Now, I don’t give a stuff.

    1. Jim abbott says:

      I’m voting on NOT seeing Kevin being killed. Yeah sure, he’s my son. But even if he wasn’t, I mean. Really? Sure, he sneezes on occasion. But really?

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