109 – Craft Brewers Conference

The Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) is an annual conference put on by the Brewers Association filled with educational seminars, an expo hall and lots of beer. It has seemed over the years that the core reasons for the conference have been lost and instead have turned into a yearly vacation for brewery personnel to get drunk in a new city. Mike and Kevin discuss this on today’s new episode.

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3 comments on “109 – Craft Brewers Conference

  1. Jim abbott says:

    Barry Sanders….pfffttt! The greatest running back of all time was “Touchdown” Tommy Davis; nicknamed so because one time in high school, he came within 3 and a half yards of scoring a touchdown. Anyway, the year was 19-aught-8, The Canton Bulldogs were hosting the Akron Pros in front of a sellout crowd of nearly 475 people. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was halfway thru the 6th quarter (NFL games had 7 quarters back then.) Anyway, Touchdown Tommy broke free from 3 defense players (who had a combined weight of almost 550 pounds!) and gained, get this, ALMOST a first down. Like to see your “precious” Bary Sanders do that.
    Anyway……hey you kids, get off my lawn….

  2. Jim abbott says:

    Mike -‘Shit Sundae’ would be a horrible name for a beer; along the same lines, yet even worse, than ‘Unicorn Farts.’ If your idea is to turn that brand into Copperpoint’s next big thing, a word of advice. Walk away man. Simply walk away

    1. Jim abbott says:

      I had always heard that the head of the brewer’s guild was Q.
      >And not the cool Q from Star Trek; TNG<
      but the f#ckhead "Q" that is the leading voice of the social media right wing wack jobs.

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