We Are (re)United

Three years after United We Drink’s final episode, Mike, Phil and Joel reunite to discuss all things beer related, with evolved perspectives from their progressed careers in the industry.


Our Episodes

005 – Beer & Food Pairings

Pairing beer and food together can sound scary or complicated. On this episode the guys dig into how you can create awesome pairings for your next dinner with friends, family or just yourself. This episode of the show is sponsored by the Audible. Follow United We...

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004 – Industry Certifications & Education

Sometimes you only need a checkbook to start a brewery. But to be a good brewer there is education that can be done. The guys look into industry certifications and further education that can be done to constantly be improving in an ever growing...

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003 – Crowded Shelves

With more and more breweries coming online this will certainly lead to shelf space becoming a premium. The guys take a look at overcrowded shelves and what consumers can look for. Plus Phil really loves hard seltzer and some more Q&A. This episode of...

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002 – Work & Life Balance

When working in the beer industry it can be hard to balance aspects of your life when it comes to work and home. The guys dive into this often overlooked issue including their own life stories and advice to keep everything in sync. Plus...

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001 – (re)United We Drink

Welcome back to the restart, the reboot, the reanimation, the re-uniting of United We Drink. Mike, Phil and Joel bring you up to speed about their careers and lives since the show’s original run along with what to expect from this go around. Grab...

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